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"Fixeon's mission is to provide the highest performing
products with measurable quality and value at the lowest
possible cost to our customers."
-Brian Cox, President & CEO
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Wafer Shipping Consumables

Our consumable products are die cut and packaged in our class 100 cleanroom.


Consumables Product Features:
Outer Shipper Cushioning Options
• Die Cut Low Density Polyurethane Packaging
• Inflatable AirCushionPackaging™
(click here for more ACP information)

Wafer Separators Options (thickness)
• Fixeon C3S™ CleanCarbonCompound ESD PP Separator (0.004")
• Fixeon UPF Ultra-Pure PE Foam Separator (0.063")
• Tyvek™ Semiconductor Grade (0.005")
• Tyvek™ Label Grade (0.005")
• Carbonleaf™ Carbon Loaded ESD PE Separator (0.003", 0.005")

Inner Wafer Foam Cushioning Options
• Antistatic Closed Cell PE Foam (0.125", 0.250")
• Ultra-Pure Closed Cell PE Foam (0.125", 0.250")
• Antistatic Open Cell PU Foam (0.250")

Wafer Shape and Diameter Adapting Options
• Die Cut Antistatic PE (shown left for 125mm and 100mm)
• Die Cut Solar Antistatic PE (see Solar Hawk HWS)
• Die Cut Customized Application (any size or shape)

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