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"Fixeon's mission is to provide the highest performing
products with measurable quality and value at the lowest
possible cost to our customers."
-Brian Cox, President & CEO
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Horizontal Wafer Jar

The 150 & 200mm Roadrunner is the most economical wafer shipper offered by Fixeon. For customers requiring only minimal protection, the Roadrunner Wafer Jar provides an economical solution. This product should only be used for applications where wafer breakage, surface scratches, ionic contamination and handling problems are acceptable.

Product Features
• Jar is injection molded with clear polypropylene copolymer
• Ships up to 50 wafers
• 3 axis open cell polyurethane foam cushioning

Fixeon recommends our customers use the Hawk Horizontal Wafer Shipper product for thinned or high value grade wafer shipping.

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