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"Fixeon's mission is to provide the highest performing
products with measurable quality and value at the lowest
possible cost to our customers."
-Brian Cox, Ceo & Founder
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Horizontal Wafer Shipper

ESD Hawk,
Clean carbon filled polymer

Clear Hawk,
Clear unfilled polymer

Solar Hawk,
Clean unfilled polymer

Industry trends such as smaller feature sizes, thinner wafers, and larger wafer diameters are making wafers more fragile and susceptible to damage. As these trends continue, Fixeon’s Hawk Horizontal Wafer Shippers (HWS) provide the very best protection for storing and shipping fragile wafers to the industry.

Wafers are alienated on both sides with the circuit side down using a variety of die-cut polymer separator discs. Wafers are held stacked in a compressed state via compliant foam cushioning, to prevent lateral movement, flexing and breakage. Our reusable environmental seal replaces expensive moisture vapor bags to protect wafers from corrosion, moisture, and particulate.

The product strength comes from the superior design, material and manufacturing process while four fasteners keep the wafers contained securely within the durable octagonal blow molded case.

This product can save you as much as 75% on your wafer handling and shipping costs.

Product Features Include:
• Blow molded lid and base provides four walls of resilient protection
• Ultra-clean polypropylene co-polymer in ESD black or Clear natural
• Nesting features in the lid and base allows for secure stacking
• Four nylon dual latch fasteners securely lock the lid to the base
• Optional environment seal protects wafers from contaminates & moisture
• Wide access slots in base for manual or automated wafer insertion and removal
• 300mm HWS has SEMI std automation alignment features molded integral


Patent pending

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