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"Fixeon's mission is to provide the highest performing
products with measurable quality and value at the lowest
possible cost to our customers."
-Brian Cox, CEO & Founder
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Corporate Offices


Cedar Park, TX 78613
Ph. 512-775-1732
Fx. 512-775-1732

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Human Resources:

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Mfg Engineering:

The following distributors are available through email.
Please provide your name, company name and contact information.

Customers benefit from using our local distributors.

- Our distributors stock items locally for JIT delivery
- Trained technical resources are readily available in your area
- Provide fast response time to meet customer's needs
- Breakdown any language or cultural barriers that may exist
- Purchase product in the requested currency
- Lower logistics time and cost

US & North America Sales ___

China/Taiwan Distribution ___

Europe Distribution ________

Japan Distribution _________

SE Asia Distribution ________

United Kingdom Distribution _

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