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"Fixeon's mission is to provide the highest performing
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-Brian Cox, CEO & Founder
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Cleaning Services


Please call to discuss your cleaning requirements and to request a quotation.

Since our beginning, Fixeon has had to provide clean wafer shipping products of their own to the semiconductor industry. In 2005 we added a critical component recycling business for customers that wanted a clean recondition product instead of purchasing new. Products being reconditioned for handling wafers are Horizontal Wafer Shippers, FOUPs, FOSBs, Single Wafer Shippers, Process Cassettes, PFA Cassettes, and other wafer handling components to name a few.
In 2007 our customers started requesting Fixeon's own cleaning service to clean their wafer carriers. We use the same quality process to clean our own parts. All reconditioned products are cleaned and bagged to your requirements.

Although some of our cleaning processes are proprietary our basic cleaning equipment and facilities:
Cleanroom (class 100 & class 1000) with 6ft pass through for efficient movement of materials in and out
Ceiling mounted 950 cfm HEPA fan filter system continuously provides clean air in our cleanroom to 0.01um
Flooring is ESD quartz composite 24" cleanroom tile
All stainless steel shelving and work surfaces
3 stage aqueous cleaning station large enough to handle large 300mm FOUPs & FOSBs
We typically utilize DI water and super clean air gas system with filtering to 0.01um particle size
Standard cleanroom gear and protocols are utilized to maintain cleanliness
We use sealed edge polyester wipers
Air ionizing dry off guns
Heat/vacuum bag sealing system for packaging products
We also utilize a 50/50, 75/25 IPA and other proprietary solutions to ensure effective cleaning

We can currently disassemble, remove labels and clean, reassemble per each shift, per each day any of the following wafer handling products.
>60 each 300mm FOUPs
>80 each 300mm FOSBs
>250 each 150-300mm HWS
>200 each 150-200mm VWS
>300 each 150-300mm SWS

Our average cleaning cost to clean and single bag each product to class 100 capability:
Add a second class 10 poly bag $0.50-$4.00ea
(Class 10 nylon bags are also available):

100mm Single Wafer Shippers =$2.50
100mm UltraPak =$3.75

150mm Single Wafer Shippers =$3.25
150mm Horizontal Wafer Shippers and UltraPak =$5.50ea
150mm Process Cassettes and shipping boxes =$8.20ea

200mm Single Wafer Shippers =$4.00
200mm Horizontal Wafer Shippers and UltraPak =$7.50ea
200mm Process Cassettes and shipping boxes =$9.50ea

300mm Single Wafer Shippers =$5.50
300mm Horizontal Wafer Shippers and CrystalPak =$12.50ea
300mm FOSB =$12.50 w/single bag & $16.50 w/double bag
300mm FOUP =$26.00 w/single bag & $30.00 w/double bag

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