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"Fixeon built us a cleanroom that performed better than our expectations,
at about half the cost of others quoted.
-T.D. ,COO (Semiconductor Metrology Equipment Co.)
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Portable & Modular Cleanrooms


Fixeon's Cleanroom Business
In 2005, Fixeon gained experience in building cleanrooms, first for ourselves, and later for others who visited our site. As we grew from year to year, we built a new cleanroom each time we moved. It was obvious to look at our new expertise and turn it into a new opportunity to diversify our brand. In 2006 we built a cleanroom for one of our product customers after they saw our sensible approach to cleanroom construction.

Through word of mouth from our local cleanroom customers, others in the US were informed of Fixeon's niche building new lower cost portable, and modular hard-wall cleanrooms. In 2008 we successfully introduced QuiqRoomsTM portable cleanrooms.

One of the ways we reduce our costs is by utilizing locally sourced components such as the HEPA FFUs and sealed lights.
We also install doors, air showers, pass throughs, new quartz tile or epoxy flooring, if needed.

We have built more than 50 cleanrooms in the last six years. The bulk of our experience ranges from building a class 100K 144sqft portable soft-wall cleanroom, to our 3000sqft class 100 cleanroom.

Be sure to check out our FabRoom and QuiqRoom Data Sheets and the Cleanroom Inventory List above.

Our Value
• Lower Overall Cost of Ownership
• Quick Turnaround
• Free Protocol Training
• Turnkey work on the entire build
• Custom cleanroom components (specialty doors & pass throughs)
• Pressure testing and balancing
• Specialty exhaust configurations
• Laying new tile or epoxy floors
• Cleanroom Certifications provided on all jobs we assemble

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