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"Fixeon's mission is to provide the highest performing
products with measurable quality and value at the lowest
possible cost to our customers."
-Brian Cox, CEO & Founder
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Air Cushion Packaging

Fixeon’s ACPTM (Air Cushion Package) is made of clear durable multi-layered Nylon/Poly film with quilted bladder pockets for the ultimate in inflateable shock protection. This product is reusable and made to replace bulky die cut foam. After shipping, the valve can be opened and deflate to send back to its origin. Most customers find that the reusable ACP product compliments their environmental conservation programs while maintaining an initial lower total cost.  

Higher Performance
• Made from multi-layered clear durable Nylon/poly film
• Quick product inflation cycle of 5 seconds
• Average reuse of 6 cycles
• Custom designed bladder pockets to hold the product centered and secure during shipping
• Environmentally friendly recyclable materials vs. foam
• Air release valve allows for quick deflation
• ESD protection

Lower Logistics Costs
• Empty storage space savings ratio of >100:1 vs. foam
• Significant cost savings compared to foam
• Customs can see package during inspection
• Ergonomic carry handle is integrated for easy removal

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